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Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy for Kids

Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy for Kids

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Exercise your child’s creativity with musical toys. wooden xylophone toy features eight rainbow-colored keys and child-safe wooden mallets that’s ideal for toddlers and children to compose their own music. The differently-sized bars also allow your young musicians to learn more about basic musical concepts, while the colorful keys serve as visual guides for the different tones.


  1. 8 colored metal bars are attached to the wood stand with a plastic insert and plastic rivets. The stand is made of pine with screws which will be more sturdy.

  2. Play a variety of tunes by striking the bars,this Xylophone toy can helps children explore simple musical concepts.

  3. 8 vibrant multicolor bars glockenspiel xylophone can help children identify the color,exercise the children’s eye and hand coordination ability as well as creative play, artistic expression, and fine motor skills.


  1. Material: Pine/steel sheet

Package include?

1 * wooden xylophone?

2 * xylophone mallets


  1. Choking hazard - a small part.Don't let the children put the weight in their mouth.

  2. Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement.

  3. Different displays show the same picture may be slightly differences.

What's in the box
Package include:

1 * wooden xylophone,

2 * xylophone mallets

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