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Waterproof Submersible LED Light With Remote Control- JG106

Waterproof Submersible LED Light With Remote Control- JG106

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Transform your surroundings into a mesmerizing oasis with our Submersible LED Light, the perfect blend of versatility, elegance, and innovation! Whether for parties, events, or simply creating an ambient atmosphere, these submersible lights are your gateway to underwater enchantment.

- Immerse your space in vibrant color! Our LED lights are fully submersible, creating a magical underwater effect in aquariums, pools, vases, and more. Elevate your décor with a touch of aquatic charm. Command the ambiance from afar! The included remote control lets you effortlessly change colors, adjust brightness, and choose from dynamic lighting modes without ever getting your hands wet.

-Set the mood your way with the Submersible LED Lights offer a spectrum of colors and lighting modes, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, be it a lively party or a tranquil evening. Light up your world, night after night. Our submersible lights are engineered for energy efficiency, ensuring extended use for all your underwater or decorative lighting needs.

-No fuss, just glow! With a hassle-free design, our Submersible LED Lights are easy to install and relocate. No need for complex setups or tools - simply place them in your desired spot and let the magic unfold. Dive deep without worry! The robust waterproof seal ensures that our LED lights function flawlessly even when fully submerged, providing you with worry-free illumination for your underwater displays.

-Crafted to withstand aquatic adventures! Our submersible lights are built with durability in mind, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Light up the night! Whether it's a poolside soirée, a romantic dinner, or a festive celebration, our Submersible LED Lights add a captivating touch to any event.

-Ignite your creativity! Use our submersible lights to craft stunning centerpieces, floral arrangements, or underwater landscapes that leave a lasting impression. With the Submersible LED Light and Remote Control, the possibilities are endless. Illuminate, captivate, and create an ambiance that reflects your unique style.

-This light is submersible in liquid, can be used in or out of the water, illuminate flower vases, ice sculptures, table settings.
-It provides steady light and does not flash or flicker.
-Powered by replaced batteries (The batteries are not included).
-The remote control range is 24-30 feet in the open area.
-To prevent corrosion, please remove the batteries after each event.

-Item Type: Underwater Lights
-Power Source: DC
-Protection Level: IP68
-Voltage: 6V
-Body Material: ABS
-Light Source: LED Bulbs
-Base Type: Wedge

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