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Waterproof Garden Solar Flood Light- Q-SD10

Waterproof Garden Solar Flood Light- Q-SD10

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Introducing a high-performance solar flood light tailored for your garden-an innovative and weatherproof lighting solution designed to bring brilliance and ambiance to your outdoor sanctuary.

-Embrace the power of the sun, this garden solar flood light charges during the day, harnessing solar energy to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective illumination for your garden, patio, or landscape. Built to withstand the elements! Crafted from durable, weatherproof materials, this solar flood light ensures reliability and longevity, shining brightly even through rain, snow, or challenging outdoor conditions.

-Transform your outdoor oasis, emitting a powerful glow, this flood light adds charm and sophistication to your garden, highlighting features, pathways, or landscaping elements with beautiful illumination. Embrace eco-consciousness without compromise, the solar-powered design minimizes energy consumption, offering efficient and sustainable lighting for your garden while reducing your carbon footprint.

-Effortless setup for convenience, with a simple installation process, this solar flood light can be effortlessly placed and adjusted in your garden, providing flexible lighting options to suit your garden's layout. Illuminate with confidence, this waterproof solar flood light delivers powerful brightness, ensuring ample illumination and enhancing the beauty of your garden throughout the night.

-Practical Garden Enhancement: Elevate your garden's aesthetics and safety, whether highlighting key garden features, providing visibility for outdoor gatherings, or enhancing security, this flood light serves as a practical and elegant addition to your outdoor space. Brighten and beautify your garden with the Waterproof Garden Solar Flood Light-a durable, weatherproof, and energy-efficient lighting solution that adds charm, safety, and brilliance to your outdoor haven.

-Solar-powered brilliance
-Waterproof and durable design
-Garden ambiance enhancement
-Efficient and sustainable lighting
-Easy installation and versatile placement
-Bright and long-lasting
-Practical garden enhancement

-Item Type: Solar Outdoor Light
-Material: ABS, silicone, brass
-Lamp Batteries: 2 x Lithium Batteries 18650 (4800mah) (built in)
-Gear Mode: Toggle switch left, no induction.
-Switch Function: Yellow light, white light, light together, RGB light, long press to adjust the brightness steplessly, RGB does not need to adjust the brightness
-4 Gear: Yellow light 100LM, white light 100LM, integrated 180LM, RGB
-Power: 3W
-All Bright: 3h
-Low Light, RGB: 120h

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1x Waterproof Garden Solar Flood Light

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