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Unisex Canvas Luggage Duffle Bag 8642

Unisex Canvas Luggage Duffle Bag 8642

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This canvas luggage duffle bag represents a versatile and durable travel companion designed to accommodate various travel needs. Constructed from sturdy canvas material, these duffle bags offer a combination of resilience and style, making them suitable for different travel purposes, including short trips, gym sessions, or weekend getaways.

  • Their spacious interiors provide ample room to pack essentials, clothing, and personal items, offering convenience for travelers on the go. Many of these duffle bags feature multiple compartments or pockets, allowing for organized storage of belongings, including smaller items like toiletries or accessories.

  • The canvas material ensures durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of travel and everyday use. Reinforced stitching and sturdy handles or straps contribute to the bag's overall robustness, ensuring longevity even when subjected to frequent handling.

  • Its versatility extends to its design, often featuring a classic and timeless appearance that suits various styles and preferences. Additionally,canvas duffle bags includes adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, providing flexibility in transportation options.

- Durable canvas material
- Spacious interior compartments
- Organized storage pockets
- Reinforced stitching for longevity
- Classic and timeless design
- Comfortable carrying handles
- Adjustable shoulder straps
- Lightweight and collapsible when empty
- Versatile for various travel purposes

Package Weight:1300g
Package Dimensions: L:43cm; W:6.5cm; H:31cm

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1 x Unisex Canvas Luggage Duffle Bag

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