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Tactical Survival Multi-Kit - 96 in 1 - Field Emergency Kit

Tactical Survival Multi-Kit - 96 in 1 - Field Emergency Kit

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This incredibly high-quality survival kit comes with everything you need for camping, hiking or hunting adventure! From collapsible shovels, first aid kits, axes, first aid blankets and more.

The kit contains:
1Tactical Pack
1Multifunctional Axe Hammer
1Tactical pen
1folding knife
1 water bottle buckle
1 Flint
1* Survival rope
1Multifunctional fork and spoon
1 non-slip glove
1Ordnance shovel
1Multifunctional bracelet
1Multifunctional tool card
1 Compass
1* wire saw
1First aid kit
1* Cotton swabs (30 in a pack)
1* Fishing equipment
1fire pipe
1light stick
2Elastic Bandage
1* Tourniquet
1Medical tape
1First Aid Blanket
1* tent
1Triangular Bandage
2* gauze sticker
10Alcohol tablets
10 iodophor tablets
20* Band-Aid

What's in the box
1 x 96 Piece Survival Kit

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