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Rechargeable Desk Table Reading Lamp Light - 1966

Rechargeable Desk Table Reading Lamp Light - 1966

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Experience unparalleled convenience and precision lighting with our rechargeable desk lamp, designed to brighten up your workspace and enhance your reading experience.

Tailor your lighting, with multiple brightness levels and color temperature options, and find the perfect illumination for reading, working, or relaxing. This lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing hassle-free portability and the freedom to place it anywhere without constraints.

The lamp's adjustable head and arm allow you to direct light exactly where you need it, ensuring optimal lighting for every task. The lamp's anti-glare and flicker-free lighting technology reduces eye strain, making it perfect for extended reading or work sessions.

Set the mood for relaxation, and use the warm night light mode to create a calming ambiance, making it ideal for winding down before bedtime. Effortless operation at your fingertips, easily adjust settings with a touch-sensitive panel and utilize the timer function for added convenience.

Its sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of sophistication to your desk while providing efficient and functional lighting. Enhance your productivity and reading experience with the Rechargeable Desk Table Reading Lamp Light. Embrace the flexibility, precision, and comfort it brings to your everyday tasks.

- Easy to carry: Foldable design, small size, no space, you can carry this lamp for work and reading.
- Adjustable: The lamp holder can be folded, unfolded 180 degrees from left to right, and swung 160 degrees from top to bottom, providing you with a wider lighting range and angle.
- Design: LED table lamp adopts double head design, which not only solves the problem of ghost shadows but also provides a large lighting range and angle. The foldable design effectively reduces writing shadows.
- Application: It is very suitable for work, reading, learning, webcam zoom and soft light so that you can read in bed without disturbing others.
- Battery: Built-in high-quality 4000mAh/4800mAh, you can take the desk lamp to any place where you need light.

- Features: Stepless Adjustment.
- Lamp beads: 40.
- Battery: 4000mAh /4800mAh
- Brightness adjustment: Stepless brightness adjustment, three light colors adjustable.

What's in the box
1 x Rechargeable Desk Table Reading Lamp Light
1 x Power Cable Charger
1 x User Manual

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