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Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp - HW999-2W

Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp - HW999-2W

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New Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp, Outdoor Waterproof Tungsten Filament Lamp, Induction Courtyard Lamp, Garden Villa, Small Night Lamp Lighting
Intelligent light control, automatic light control induction, automatic charging at dawn, automatic dark lights
High conversion solar panels, solar polycrystalline panels, high photoelectric conversion rate, fast storage speedThe board conversion rate can 93%, the service life is increased by 100 times, and the output efficiency is increased by 10%
Built-in large capacity lithium battery, the new battery has strong battery life and long lighting time.
Rainstorm waterproof grade: IP65, of wind and sun, to meet the needs of outdoor use
Suitable for outdoor scenes outdoor courtyard, porch side, activity square, etc

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1 X Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp - HW999-2W

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