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Nonslip Car Pedal Pads - 3 Piece

Nonslip Car Pedal Pads - 3 Piece

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Premium Quality Pedal covers are designed by skilled artisans who have a trained eye on every detail and made of high-quality ABS plastic.
Great Partner Stepping on pedals without covers or with pads that do not fit the car or are not anti-slip design is tremendously frustrating, and in the long run, it can be dangerous; non-slip pads for auto brake pedal & accelerator pedal protect you from slippery and effectively reduce accident, ensuring you a better driving pleasure.
Stylish Design We know that your interior says a lot about you even the pedals under the steering wheel does. So just spice up your pedals with sleek and modern-looking covers from, which not gives it the ultimate distinctive look but also shows an extension of your personality.
Function Safety for driving and strengthen the friction coefficient. When you drive car, with the help of pedal covers, accelerating and braking will be steadier and more effortless. Fashion design enhances the style and appearance of your car
Easy Installation No drilling or welding required. Will not destroy the original pedal. Designed according to the original car pedal size.

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1 x Nonslip Car Pedal Pads - 3 Piece

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