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Mr Universal Lighting - Retractable Ceiling Fan 8216

Mr Universal Lighting - Retractable Ceiling Fan 8216

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- Aesthetically pleasing light pendant that converts into a ceiling fan
- Latest design and technology
- Four unique aerodynamically designed Scimitar shaped blades, that rest neatly within the perimeter of the unit out of sight
- Remote control operation (remote included)
- Blades swing out of unit horizontally to full fan sweep under centrifugal forces - light on/off and in fan on mode
- Unique and compact blade retracting mechanism opposes the centrifugal forces to retract the blades
- Low energy 36W LED light included which also reduces light replacement frequency
- Option of Daylight (6500k) or Cool White (4000k) & warm white(3000k) lights included
- Easy installation, as blades are already installed and balanced in the factory
- Operate light and fan with remote
- Reduced dust accumulation on blades

What's in the box
x 1 Ceiling Fan
x 1 Remote Control
x 1 36W Led Kit
x 1 Crystal Light Fitting

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