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Magnetic Balls (Spheres)

Magnetic Balls (Spheres)

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- Build and engineer limitless shapes and structures, and infinite possibilities
- The new innovative magnetic ball set is suitable for children and adults for brain development and learning
- Endless hours of fun and enjoyment for the entire family
- Playing with this set can enhance spatial imagination and logical reasoning
- Can also be used as an office decoration, existing 3D stereoscopic, and much more
- You can transfer 2D plane shapes to different 3D geometric structures
- Popular for enhancing assembly ability
- Improve intelligence and imagination
- Great for unleashing your imagination
- Great toy for kids and adults to release stress

Note: If child is under 8 years old, they should be supervised by an adult when using.

What's in the box
216 X Magnetic Balls - Spheres (5mm)
1 X Attractive Tin Storage Box

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