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m8 console Controller Gamepad for retro game Handheld game console Arcade

m8 console Controller Gamepad for retro game Handheld game console Arcade

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Controller Game pad Digital Game Player Handheld game console Arcade,2.4G Wireless Controller Gamepad Lite - 4K Ultra HD Game Stick Videogame stick lite for retro games
Item specifics
Contoller Gamepad
TVxClassic GamesxDouble Rocker Controls
High Sensitivity, Antiskid Design
Storage Capacity
64 GB
Item description from the seller
Elevate your gaming experience with this 2.4G Wireless Controller Gamepad Lite. Designed for ultimate comfort and precision, this controller is perfect for any gamer. Enjoy your favorite games on TV with the 4K Ultra HD Game Stick, featuring double rocker controls for seamless navigation.
With an antiskid design and high sensitivity, this controller ensures maximum grip and accuracy for a smooth gaming experience. The 64 GB storage capacity provides enough space to store multiple games, while the HDMI connectivity enables easy setup.
3D special rocker for arcade games with 4K ULTRA HD game stick.
Simply connect the game stick to the HDMI interface of the TV and switch the TV source to the HD channel to display the game list screen on the TV.
2.4G wireless controllers with 10 meters distance.
Suitable for one or two players for more fun.
It supports 40 simulator format games, compatible with more than 10,000 games.
Multilingual communication.
High sensitivity, anti-skid design.
OS: Linux + Retroarch.
Emulator: MAME / FC / GB / GBA / GBC / MD / SFC / PS1 / N64 / ATARI2600 / ATARI7800.

What's in the box
1x 4K Ultra HD Game Stick
2 x Wireless Controllers Gamepad Set
1x 32gb TF Card
1x Micro USB Cable
1x HDMI Extender
1x Color Box

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