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Key Storage Lock Box with 4 Digit Combination

Key Storage Lock Box with 4 Digit Combination

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Keep your keys safe and secure inside this combination of a key lockbox. This high strength stainless steel outdoor key lock box wall mount will protect your keys from anything you can imagine. Safe from hammer, saws, drills, and robberies. No more stolen keys or break-ins

Perfect for realtors who want to show homes to prospective buyers without having to be there yourself. Also good for Airbnb hosts who want to do automatic check-ins with their guests. Or anyone who just wants to keep spare keys protected.  
Very easy to install and use. Installation takes just a few minutes with written instructions included. Just set your own 4 digit combination and secure to any wall on the exterior in the interior of your home.

- Prevent lock-outs and provide access to your property by health aides, service technicians, and pet sitters when you are at work or on vacation. Perfect solution storing keys for AirBnB rentals
- Double-walled Construction and flush-mount impact-resistant access cover are impervious to hammering, sawing, or prying
- 4-Digit Combination Dials let you customize your own access code
- Your Key Safe has a weatherproof, sliding shutter cover to protect the combination dials from the elements
- All necessary mounting hardware is included: 4 screws and 4 nylon expanding wall anchors to ensure that the Key Safe can be mounted on any solid surface 
- The locks are made of high-quality material aluminum alloy
- Can hold up to 5 keys
- Please rotate the dials weekly to keep them work properly.

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1 x Key Storage Box

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