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Kakiblin Preventing Baby Pillow Neck Support

Kakiblin Preventing Baby Pillow Neck Support

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High Quality Sleep Time
It's your new-born’s best sleeping buddy! With proper elevation for the head, this infant pillow provides the comfort and support needed for peaceful and longer sleep. Its unique design provides slight elevation to help minimize acid reflux.

se It Anywhere Your Baby Lays Down
Your baby can use this pillow early on in the crib, bassinet, swing, bouncer or stroller during long walks outside. It can also be used on the play mat, in the car seat, on the changing table or even while nursing.
Gentle neck support for baby when baby is asleep in a car seat
Soft and cuddly plush for children

Great for Travel
Our convenient baby pillow is lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel accessory!

Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift
Stand out from the crowd by giving this unique pillow as a gift for an expecting mom.

What's in the box
1 x Baby Pillow

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