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Kakiblin Portable Breast Milk Adjustable Mother and Baby Products - Blue

Kakiblin Portable Breast Milk Adjustable Mother and Baby Products - Blue

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a bottle holder or hands-free bottle is very practical to give the bottle to your baby. This bottle holder is designed to hang from any car seat handle and even some strollers. It keeps the bottle in the correct position so your baby can reach for the bottle to drink.

You may need an extra hand to feed your baby, especially if you have twins, triplets, or multiples. So you might want to use a pad or blanket to hold the bottle? but it doesn't always work! parents of twins and triplets say bottle holders are a lifesaver. In fact, they are essential for feeding several bottle-fed babies at the same time. Reduce stress for parents and babies.

Bottle holders encourage babies to play with bottles. They learn to take and remove the pacifier at any time. With this product, even very young children can handle bottles by turning their heads. Its hanging design allows baby to practice holding the bottle, but it always springs back to face baby's mouth when he lets go.

It works with all sizes and types of bottles. In fact, the part around the bottle can be adjusted with hook and loop. Since it is compact, it fits perfectly in a diaper bag. Plus, it's easy to use and easy to clean.

In addition to being very practical, the bottle holder (panda, unicorn or bunny) has a super cute pattern. It is also an ideal gift for mothers, especially with multiple births.

Not recommended for moving vehicles

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