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Kakiblin Folding Baby Newborn Baby Cradle

Kakiblin Folding Baby Newborn Baby Cradle

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This crib is designed to give babies womb-like comfort, a nurturing mood for babies, and their own space for parent and child, despite being close to each other in the same bed or room.

Sleep & Comfort: Your child will feel comfortable and safe in our soft baby recliner. Such a safe sleeper will give your baby a good night's sleep, as little ones love to imitate being in their mother's womb. This portable crib helps with common newborn sleep problems, such as wanting to sleep in a parent's arms or waking up frequently
This portable baby bassinet is suitable for babies from 0-to 24 months.
Hypoallergic Materials & Non-Toxic: 100% cotton fabric and breathable, hypoallergenic interior padding, safe for baby's sensitive skin. It will give your child a peaceful, safe and healthy sleep in their lovely crib
Versatile & Portable: Use the baby recliner as a bed, side bed, travel cot, newborn pillow, the cradle for a changing table, or move it around the house to rest or lie on your tummy, making your baby feel safer and more comfortable. Lightweight design and easy-to-use packaging make in-bed bassinets a portable baby must-have
Provide a safe, comfortable and soothing environment for babies
Perfect for co-sleeping, tummy sleeping, daytime naps, diaper changing, playing and more
Multifunctional, travel-friendly, lightweight, durable
Uterine design
.Handle for easy carrying and travel

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