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Kakiblin Baby Swaddles Blankets and Wraps

Kakiblin Baby Swaddles Blankets and Wraps

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Swaddling is one of the most gentle, effective and beneficial practices for parents and their children. Our modern and easy to use swaddle blankets recreates the secure and cosy feeling of the womb.
Better Sleep
Your little one will experience longer, more restful sleep with fewer disturbances when swaddled in one of our baby blankets. Swaddled infants tend to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep more consistently throughout the night.
Reduces Startling Reflex
Our fleece and comfortable infant swaddle blankets prevent those spontaneous movements from waking them, allowing for a much more peaceful day and night's sleep.
Helps With Colic
The light pressure of our swaddle wraps can have a tremendously therapeutic effect on a child suffering from colic, providing much-needed relief for parents and babies alike.
Adjustable And Easy To Use
Cleverly designed to facilitate your life to the fullest, our receiving swaddle blankets have multiply adjustable and strong hook & loop strips to swaddle according to your needs, unlike Muslim blankets which are a lot more complicated and time-consuming. Adjust as much as you want to create a soothing cocoon for your newborn.
Keeps Your Baby Warm But Not Too Warm
Using our single, high-quality swaddle helps to maintain the optimal temperature for your baby’s body. Newborns, still adjusting to life outside the womb, are unable to regulate their body temperature on their own, which makes our soft and silky baby swaddles a great solution.
Reduces the Chance Of Sids
Our swaddles help to maintain the supine position during sleep. In the interest of preventing SIDS, babies should always sleep on their backs, and never on their stomachs or side. For a swaddled baby incapable of rolling over, the risk of SIDS diminishes. A swaddled baby is a safer baby.

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