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inPods 12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

inPods 12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

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These wireless earphones are catchy and comfortable and bring you the bliss combination of good quality and flexibility.
They feature Bluetooth 5.0, meaning a larger range (about 10m) and faster communication speeds.
The earbuds can be used separately or together (note, they will both still be connected to the same mobile device when used separately).
Tap control allows you to adjust volume, skip to the next song and perform various other control functions by simply tapping on one of the earpods.
They are compatible with Android, iOS and most bluetooth enabled mobile devices.
Upon insertion into charging case, charging of earbuds commences automatically.

You only have to remember to charge the charging case from time to time with the charging cable - quick, easy, no hassle, no fuss.
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Standby Time: 20-30 hours
Working Time: 2-3 hours

User instructions:
Please note that the 'buttons' on the pods are really just touched sensitive areas that are located around the same place as the lights in the ear pods - pretty much the uppermost part of the pod that you can touch while the inpods are inserted in your ears.

To turn an ear pod on or off - touch and hold the ‘button‘ area until the lights turn off or on.
Answer a call - When a call comes in you will hear "a beeping" on your left earbud. Now lightly press the 'button' on either earbud to answer the call.
Hang up the call - Short press either ear pod to hang up the call.
Reject an incoming call - Press and hold the ear pod for 1 second, until the voice prompt: 'call rejected'.
Music playing control - Play/Pause: Press the button on either earbud to play or pause music.
Battery status alert and check - Battery indicator is showed in iOS phone or Android phone. There is a low battery alert when the battery is low.

While charging the pod, the red light is on.
When fully charged the blue light will be lit for 2 minutes and then go out.
Case charging the red light is on. When fully charged the red light will go off.
This device supports case charging and pod charging at the same time.

Do not charge your headset for much longer than 2.5 hours at a time, because this can lead to a reduction in battery capacity and can void your manufacturer's warranty.

To properly wear the earbuds:
Identify the Left and Right - Look on the earbud for an R or L.
Place the earphone with the earbud in your ear canal and rotate forward until comfortable.

How to pair the i12 TWS to your my phone?
Short press the button on both earbuds at the same time. You will hear an audible cue saying, "Power On" and then saying ''Your Device Is Connecting".
Find "i12 TWS XXX "on your phone or tablet under Bluetooth connections.
Click it and you will hear an audible cue saying ''Your Device Is Connected". Now your device is successfully connected. You can play music or make a phone call.

If asked a passcode, enter “0000” on your mobile device and the earphones will then connect to your device.
The next time you switch on the earphones, they will automatically search for and attempt to connect to the last paired device.

Why are the headphones not charging?
Please make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely connected. If you use a power outlet, ensure that the power supply is connected securely and the outlet works. If you use a computer, make sure it is connected and the USB port is powered. Try to turn on the headset and then turn them off. Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable.
Why are the headphones not pairing with the mobile device?
Please check whether your headphone is in pairing mode or reconnect mode and check whether your mobile phone Bluetooth search function is opened and active;
Check your mobile device's Bluetooth menu and delete / forget the headphones, then reconnect the headphones following the instructions in the user manual.
Why do the earphones disconnect with the mobile phone within 10 meters?
Please check if there is metal or any other material within a relatively close range that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is a radio technology that is sensitive to objects positioned between the headphone and the connected device.

There is no audio signal, what can I do?
Check if the headphones are turned on and paired. If necessary, switch on or pair the headphones with the audio source again. Check the connection of your audio source. If the volume is too low, turn up the volume.

Why can't I use the headphones to adjust the volume or select the track on the App of mobile phone?
App Software settings may vary according to some functions of the App itself not depending on the pods.

What's in the box
1 x pair of bluetooth earphones
1 x charging box
1 x charging cable
1 x User Manual

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