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Inflatable 3-Layer Multifunctional Neck Pillow

Inflatable 3-Layer Multifunctional Neck Pillow

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Are you in search of the perfect travel companion for a restful journey? Our manual multifunctional neck pillow is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and support, adapting to your unique needs.

The neck pillow is thoughtfully contoured to fit the natural curve of your neck, providing optimal support and alleviating neck strain during long journeys or everyday use.

The neck pillow comes with a manual inflation feature, allowing you to customize the level of firmness based on your preferences. Adjust the air pressure for the perfect balance of support and comfort.

When deflated, our neck pillow is lightweight and easy to pack, making it a convenient addition to your travel essentials. It takes up minimal space in your luggage or backpack.

Indulge in comfort and convenience on every journey. Experience the joy of personalized support and relaxation wherever you go. Upgrade your travel experience today. Invest in our manual multifunctional neck pillow and treat yourself to the comfort and versatility of a well-designed travel accessory. Enjoy the journey with ultimate comfort and support.

- U-shaped neck pillow
- Children's neck protection safety
- Light weight and small size that is convenient to carry out
- Cervical traction device for people with cervical discomfort

- Package weight; 350g
- Product size; 26x25x19cm
- Material: Fabric Velvet liner TPU
- Package dimensions; l=26cm x h=15.5cm x w=6.5cm

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1 x Inflatable 3-Layer Multifunctional Neck Pillow

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