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Liviza Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp With Hanging Lanterns Holder

Liviza Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp With Hanging Lanterns Holder

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The style of this creative atmosphere salt lamp is fashionable and elegant, and it is very decorative. Besides, the looking of Himalayan salt lamp brings harmony warmness and relaxed feeling, boost mood, help focus and sleep.The light is comfortable and not glaring, creating a good atmosphere.Himalayan salt lamps will generate heat after being turned on, working with the moisture absorbed on the surface of the salt lamp to produce negatively charged ions, which then evaporate from the warmth of the surface and spread into the air, reducing radiation, purifying the air and giving the body many health benefits.

- This salt lamp features a appearance design of water shape art lantern holder, which is elegant, chic and pretty.
- Put it on your bedside, dinner table, coffee table,even hanging anywhere else in your house to make your home decoration more unique.
- Widely used, can be used for room, shop and other places of the layout, multiple occasions suitable.
- It can be used as a decoration and comfortable lighting decor.
- With the fine workmanship and premium Himalayan salt rocks material, it can be used for a long time.

What's in the box
1 x Salt Lamp with Water Shape Lanterns Holder
1 x Manual

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