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Hand Held Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

Hand Held Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

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Convenient handpump Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump. Whenever you need gasoline, you can do the job with our pump by yourself. Different Liquids, gasoline, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids all work fine with this pump! It is non-toxic, tasteless, easy to use, corrosion-resistant, durable and so on. It is a must-have for home travel.

Super suction for 7 quarts per minute - With Just 6 AA batteries or 2 D batteries(The product without battery needs to be purchased by yourself), Move Any Compatible Liquid at Lightning Speed! Increased suctioning power with impeller. Transfers a gallon of liquid in less than 30 seconds!(At the same price, it is definitely the most affordable)

Widely application - This hand pump is multi-functional, you can also use it in garage, aquariums, at home and yard with different liquids. Suction Tube Diameter of 1.3 inch(about 33mm) sure to fit most fuel containers(Note that the diameter of the cans from which the liquid is drawn should be greater than 33mm).Suction Tube Length of 16 inch fits 3 to 5 gallon gas cans, Jerrycans, Pail Buckets etc. Hose up to 2 feet is suitable for most emergencies.

Easy to use - Tired of Spilling Fuel? Our Pump can help and save you the pain and the mess! After installing 6 AA batteries or 2 D batteries(Notes: Requires batteries-not included), All you have to do with this siphon pump is press a button! Operate the Pump with One Hand or 100% Hands-Free-No Heavy Lifting!

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