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ENZO Professional 500ml conditioner

ENZO Professional 500ml conditioner

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Improves hair quality, brightens, smoothens and moisturizes hair.
Enhances hair and prevents premature hair aging.
Protects hair, conditions hair root and hair follicle

Guaranteeing just the right solution high impact, optimal results. The hair is left looking beautiful and healthy
It contains active ingredients of natural plant polyphenols, moisturizing factor, mint, vitamins, hair strengthening resilience, and suppleness comfort and pleasant after use.

Anti-dandruff color factor from Rumsfeld bacteria, only the first itch; activity of aloe essence, silk protein, and amino acid compound for hair growth to provide enough nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

Containing natural mint brings a feeling of freshness, rich in water with a powerful blocking factor of hydrophilic groups, can improve the moisture in the hair fiber content, improve the moisturizing properties of the hair, perfume the hydration of the hair to bring you great pleasure.

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1 x ENZO Professional 500ml conditioner

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