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DIY Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit XF-06

DIY Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit XF-06

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Revive your cherished leather and vinyl belongings with our DIY leather and vinyl repair kit. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks, tears, and blemishes, and embrace the satisfaction of restoring your items to their former glory.

-Our repair kit comes equipped with everything you need for a professional-grade restoration. It includes various colored compounds, adhesive patches, tools, and step-by-step instructions, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned DIY enthusiasts alike.

-Whether you have leather furniture, car seats, handbags, jackets, or vinyl upholstery, our repair kit is your go-to solution. Restore a wide range of items and breathe new life into your treasured possessions.

-With high-quality compounds and durable patches, our DIY leather and vinyl repair kit ensures lasting repairs that withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining the beauty and integrity of your items.

-Empower yourself with our DIY leather and vinyl repair kit and reclaim the joy of using your beloved items. No need to part with cherished possessions when you have the tools to repair and renew them with ease.

-Safe to use
-Easy to use
-Repair any unexpected burns, holes, rips etc., making it a great choice in leather treatments or cloth
-The kit comes with a variety of coloured paint and grain paper to help you achieve the closest match possible for your repair.

Ideal for:
-Car upholstery
-Motorcycle seats
-Vinyl tops
-RV upholstery

-Package weight; 100g
-Package diemnsions; l=8cm x h=20.5cm x w=5.5cm

What's in the box
7 x 3ml Color Paint
1 x Plastic Spatula
1 x 15grm Repair Adhesive
1 x Mixing cup
1 x Heat transfer tool
1 x Backing fabric
1 x Leather fabric
3 x Grain paper

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