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Camera Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug

Camera Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug

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Take a few tasty shots of espresso with the Camera Lens Mug.
Designed to look and feel just like a regular camera lens, this detailed mug is great for the office or bringing the world into focus first thing in the morning.
The flared lens-cap lid will stop any dust and fluff from falling into your cuppa and will keep the contents hot while it's sitting on your desk.
It even doubles as a coaster.
Or if you?re anything like us, a tactical biscuit holder.
Now hold that smile... perfect!

- Not suitable as a travel mug
- Do not use on your camera
- Biscuits and coffee not included
- Wash throughly before use

- Mug looks like a realistic camera lens
- Multipurpose lid doubles as a coaster
- Perfect for photographers

- With lid measures: 17.5cm x 10.5cm x 10cm

What's in the box
1 X Camera Lens Mug

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