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75x30x13cm Airtight Protective Rifle Case With Pre-cut Foam JD-117

75x30x13cm Airtight Protective Rifle Case With Pre-cut Foam JD-117

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Our 75x30x13cm Airtight Protective Rifle Case with Pre-cut Foam, the ideal solution for safeguarding your valuable firearms and equipment. Whether you're a professional marksman, a dedicated hunter, or a sports shooter, this rifle case offers top-notch protection and organization for your firearms.

-The case comes with pre-cut foam inserts that can be easily customized to accommodate your rifles and accessories. This ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing any movement or damage during transport. Built with heavy-duty materials, this case is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and keep your firearms safe. It's both waterproof and airtight, protecting your gear from moisture, dust, and impacts.

-The case features four double-throw latches that provide a secure and airtight seal. Your firearms and accessories will remain safely locked inside during transit. The built-in pressure relief valve ensures that your case remains airtight while allowing for easy opening after changes in pressure, such as air travel.

-This case isn't limited to firearms; it's also suitable for transporting valuable equipment, camera gear, or anything that requires protection during travel. Protect your firearms from unauthorized access with padlock holes. You can add your locks to ensure that your gear remains secure at all times.

-Secure lock
-Airtight Seal
-Easy to carry
-Protective Interior

-Material: PP alloy
-Item weight; 4650g
-Item dimensions; l=75cm x h=13cm x w=30cm

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1 x 75x30x13cm Airtight Protective Rifle Case With Pre-cut Foam

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