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3 Colour Rechargeable USB LED Table Lamp - K808

3 Colour Rechargeable USB LED Table Lamp - K808

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Introducing the perfect fusion of style and functionality versatile LED table lamp that brings a spectrum of colors to brighten up your world. Transform your ambiance with ease using this rechargeable lamp.

Set the mood with a touch of your fingertips, choose from three stunning colors to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from calming cool tones to invigorating warm hues. Tailor the lighting to suit your needs and effortlessly adjust the brightness settings to create the ideal atmosphere for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

Say goodbye to tangled cords, powered by a rechargeable battery and compatible with USB charging, this lamp offers portability and freedom without compromising on brightness. Versatility at its best, whether it's your bedside companion, a reading light, or an accent piece in your living room, this lamp adapts to fit various settings and lighting needs.

Elevate your decor! Its contemporary design adds a touch of sophistication to any space, enhancing the aesthetics while providing practical lighting solutions. Simple and efficient! With intuitive controls and energy-saving LED technology, this lamp offers hassle-free operation and eco-conscious lighting.

Enhance your relaxation, its gentle illumination fosters a relaxing atmosphere, making it perfect for winding down after a long day or creating a soothing bedtime ambiance. Upgrade your space with the versatile and vibrant lighting options of the 3 Colour Rechargeable USB LED Table Lamp. Elevate your ambiance effortlessly and immerse yourself in a world of captivating hues.

- Vibrant colour options.
- Adjustable brightness levels.
- Rechargeable and cordless convenience.
- Multi-purpose lighting.
- Sleek and modern design.
- User-friendly and energy-efficient.
- Relaxing and functional.

- Lamp beads: 10 LED.
- Voltage: 5V.
- Mode: warm light/white light/warm white light.
- Battery: 1250mAh.
- Charging: USB charging.
- Charging time: about 4 hours.
- Material: ABS.

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1 x 3 Colour Rechargeable USB LED Table Lamp

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