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3.0 USB Hub 4 Port -Black

3.0 USB Hub 4 Port -Black

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This USB Hub Kit includes the following items:
Since breaking into the computer scene, USB 3.0 has been making waves by allowing users to transfer data at an incredible rate of up to 5Gbps! Unfortunately, newer computers are still lacking more than a couple of USB 3.0 Ports. This is where the USB 3.0 Four-Port Hub comes in.

USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B
Up to 5Gbit/sec
PC and Mac Compatible
Ultra-flexible jacket; Molded strain relief
Foil and braid shield to guarantee an interference-free connection
Proper current to your USB device via Heavy-duty 24AWG power wire
EMI/RFI interference: Metal connector shield to meet FCC requirements
UL listed

What's in the box
1x USB 4 Port Hub

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