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2- Piece Bamboo Set Dish Plate Drain Rack

2- Piece Bamboo Set Dish Plate Drain Rack

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Made of strong, environmentally friendly and easy to clean bamboo. The surface is specially treated to prevent mildew. No cracks, no deformation.

Multi-function: can be used as a drying rack, suitable for a variety of sizes of dishes. The dishes are dripping dry, no need to waste time wiping them with a towel. You can also use it as a dish rack for storing cutting boards or plates, for organizing cups, or for storing lids, or even books/tablets/laptops, etc.

Easy to install: 18 vertical bamboo nails (9 on both sides) create 8 slots for plates and pot lids, two long racks and two nails, each rack has two holes.

To ensure a tighter connection, design tolerances are subtracted. When installing, push the nails into the side frame with a little heavy pressure, and then the whole frame will be tight. Please check the size of the bamboo frame on the picture before purchasing.

Very light weight, convenient size, compact kitchen, small counter space. Very sturdy, can hold 8 plates/lid/etc., each slot also has a plate/lid/etc.

Easy to clean, mild soap and water; dry thoroughly. In order to prolong the service life of the pallet, bamboo oil is occasionally used.

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2 x bamboo set Dish Plate Drain Rack

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