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12V 2Ah - 100Ah Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger

12V 2Ah - 100Ah Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger

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12V 2Ah - 100Ah Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger Q-DP9921:

Made of ABS flame-retardant shell, corrosion-resistant, insulating, sturdy.
Support 110-265V input power supply, easy to cope with all kinds of harsh voltage environment
Not only can it be charged, but it can also detect the battery. An intelligent digital display can display power, voltage, temperature
Overheat, overcharge, short circuit reverse polarity protection.
The appearance is exquisite and compact, convenient and portable.

Colour: Yellow
Material: ABS
Size: 150x85x62mm
Plug: EU
Output cable length: 65cm
Input cable length: 90cm
Output voltage: DC13.8-15.5V
Input voltage: AC110-220V (50-60Hz)
Output current: DC-6A (MAX)
Scope of application: 12V 2Ah-100Ah

The red clip is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the black clip is connected to the negative pole of the battery. (At this time, the charger screen will display voltage, current, temperature and electricity in turn when lit)
Plug in the plug and wait for the 1-5/S fan to run (after selecting the corresponding mode). Enter the charging state.
After charging for several hours, the screen displays FUL and the battery status bar is 100%. Please do not disconnect it and keep it for 1-2 hours. At this time, it is in a floating charging state until the screen is turned OFF and the charging is completed.
Repair: Press the Mode Key 4 times and the repair icon will flicker on the screen (no indicator light in repair mode)

There might be little error in size for manual measurement.
Due to different lighting effects and monitor settings, the actual item's colour may not exactly reflect the colour in pictures.

What's in the box
1 x 12V 2Ah - 100Ah Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger Q-DP9921
1 x Manual

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