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120cm x 60cm Adjustable Height Desk

120cm x 60cm Adjustable Height Desk

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Health and Productivity: Why Not Work Standing? In this way, you protect your back and stimulate blood circulation - reducing back pain and improving concentration, which in turn increases productivity!

CONVENIENT: Thanks to the dual telescopic rear technology, the height can be easily and continuously adjusted using the folding handle without power supply. Therefore, the desk can be set according to the length and needs of different people, which is very suitable for home office.
Stable: Adjustable feet stand firmly on the floor. Thanks to the high-quality steel frame and reinforced crossbars, the table is completely stable, can carry up to 160 kg, and is quick and easy to assemble.

notes! Comes with reinforced crossbars that can be installed between your feet for greater stability

DURABILITY: The table top is composed of 18mm lightweight high density board and the stand is a carbon steel stand. Durable


.desk size: 120x60cm

.Lifting height: 75 ~ 115 cm (suitable for people under 190 cm in height)

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1 x Office Desk

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