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1.5L x 3 Glass Pan Chafing Dish with Metal Frame Lids and Silicon Utensils

1.5L x 3 Glass Pan Chafing Dish with Metal Frame Lids and Silicon Utensils

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Safe Stainless Steel Frame:
The stainless steel used is food-grade material that withstands extremely long-term use and will stay as bright as a mirror, with corrosion and high-temperature resistance, ensuring the product service life

Transparent Pan body:
The Pan body is made of heat-resistant glass. You can see the food inside at a glance, don't worry about mashing the pot

Keeps Perfect Temperature:
The chafing dish keeps your food at the perfect temperature for hours with no effort on your part. Light the fuel source, and your food stays warm throughout your entire event

Chafing dish sets:
The chafing dish is perfect for family, business, parties, or weddings, no power supply, also suitable for outdoor dining, and meets all requirements in daily use

Luster Your Banquets:
Whether it is a hotel buffet or a family dinner, this chafer will make your guests full of praise. The bright polished mirror finish will sparkle and reflect the surrounding ambient lighting for an elegant visual effect. Widely used for buffets, hotel breakfast and brunch areas, weddings, parties, banquets, and any events

What's in the box
1 x Triple Pan Metal Frame
3 x 1.5L Glass Chafing Dishes
3 x LMA Branded Heavy Duty Silicon Utensils
3 x Stainless Steel Lids

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